Graham Johnson. BA fr Columbia University in American Studies. Some writing under the project name Suspended Reason.

Previously worked at Consortia and Minor involvement in Gugg's Countryside exhibit. Manet > Monet; SMiLE > Sgt. Pepper's.

Interests: Aesthetics, post-rationalism (?), metacriticism, fashion, seasteading, literature, pop, the predictive or "Bayesian" brain, religion, pragmatism, Russian formalism, counter-signaling, Bourdieu, nostalgia, RCs, NBA, Random Cloud.

Recent projects:

  • Working towards a theory of literary compression (in progress).
    Update: Early sketch here.

  • Working towards a predictive processing model of aesthetics (research channel). Rough draft of speculative paper "A Bayesian hermeneutic," cowritten with Thomas Rutten, here.

  • Developing a concept of critical proxies as initially sketched out in the final section of this essay. Update: Concept refurbished for "Intro to Cargocult," 11/16/16. Generally interested in ways heuristics/proxies (esp. associative heuristics) are used in taste judgments.

  • ex-Managing editor for the first U.S. undergraduate journal of art criticism (JAC).
    ex-Managing editor of Rare Candy, a print and online music magazine.


As Wojnarowicz.

Spilled Reality.


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January: How About A Trip to Italy?

February: La Vento

May: Vibe Theory

September: Porphyrogénnētos

November: Echos du silence (and context)


Other Projects

SRIG, a project with neural networks where pictures I take are replaced by algorithmically similar images.

Love + Mercy,one-off band with Caleb Oldham for HiFi Snock.

Dream Baby Dream, a 2014 radio station for WBAR.

HiFi Snock Uptown, an uptown, DIY music venue I helped start with Michael Blair, Canada Choate, Mabel Taylor, others in 2014.

Faux Pool, a semi-parodic semi-earnest webshop in its early stages.

Wikipedia Contributed Pages

Troy Conrad Therrien

Venkatesh Rao

Faux Pool Newsletter

Now-comatose weekly newsletter with experimental computer artist Tim Goodwin and walking rock'n'roll encyclopedia/ArtForum fact-checker Canada Choate. We sent letters out every Monday at 4pm.

Faux Pool vol. 2: We Are the Ghosts in Our Machines

Faux Pool vol. 1: A Tenth of a Tear

timgrahamncanada, no. 27: Richard Prince, Clement Greenberg, Ryder Ripps

timgrahamncanada, no. 26: Conspicuous Outrage

timgrahamncanada, no. 25: worldview: intense form



Oscillation / Fashion

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Predictive Processing & Art as Cognitive Remodeling

Suspended Reason, March 27 2018

Backgrounding Techniques in Cinema and Literature

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"Another Green World"

Ribbonfarm, March 9 2017

Post-Ritual Space: Berghain

Suspended Reason, Dec 23 2016

Ulysses, Wilde, and a Theory of Literary Compression

Suspended Reason, November 7 2016

AdHoc Issue 11 (copy editor)

AdHoc, March 22 2016

Generic Fitness

Suspended Reason, July 2016

Every Little Star

Suspended Reason, May 2016

Regarding Rockism Parts Two & Three: The Rise of Poptimism and The New Rockism

Rare Candy Magazine, January 28 2016

Regarding Rockism Part One: Black Truths and Noble Savages

Rare Candy Magazine, November 22 2015

Bodega Bay: Our Brand Could Be Your Life

Rare Candy Magazine, August 31 2015

Miguel Gallego: Every Dog Has Zir Day

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with A D Jameson, part II

Suspended Reason, April 5 2018

with A D Jameson Part I

Suspended Reason, April 3 2018

with Sarah Perry

Suspended Reason, December 30 2017

with Bodega Bay

Rare Candy, May 1 2015


On-going research channels. Full profile.

I ran a digital roundtable series for the blog, focusing on the state and future of the Web. Interviewees included Drew Austin of Kneeling Bus, sociologist Jenny L. Davis of ANU, and Grant Wythoff, Visiting Fellow at Penn State University.