Graham Johnson. BA fr Columbia University in American literature, culture.

Working out of Mexico City, MX. Spent some time at the Gugg but they didn't want me anymore. Manet > Monet; SMiLE > Sgt. Pepper's.

Interests: Post-rationalism (?), metacriticism, Trilling, Schmidhuber, 4chan, religion, pragmatism, Russian formalism, counter-signaling, sustainability, metamod, nostalgia, Weird Sun, RCs, NBA, Random Cloud.

Things I'm proud of:

Managing editor for Rare Candy, a print and online music magazine dedicated to fostering underground and avant-garde music.

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"Another Green World"

Ribbonfarm, March 9 2017

Post-Ritual Space: Berghain

Suspended Reason, Dec 23 2016

Intro to Cargocult

Suspended Reason, November 24 2016

Ulysses, Wilde, and a Theory of Literary Compression

Suspended Reason, November 7 2016

AdHoc Issue 11 (copy editor)

AdHoc, March 22 2016

Generic Fitness

Suspended Reason, July 2016

Every Little Star

Suspended Reason, May 2016

Regarding Rockism Parts Two & Three: The Rise of Poptimism and The New Rockism

Rare Candy Magazine, January 28 2016

Three Thoughts on A D Jameson & the Avant-Garde

The Columbia Review, January 7 2016

Regarding Rockism Part One: Black Truths and Noble Savages

Rare Candy Magazine, November 22 2015

Bodega Bay: Our Brand Could Be Your Life

Rare Candy Magazine, August 31 2015

Christopher Owens: Chrissybaby Forever

Rare Candy Magazine, June 19 2015

Miguel Gallego: Every Dog Has Zir Day

Rare Candy Magazine, April 7 2015

Dissenting Opinion: Tobias Jesso Jr.'s Goon

Dingus DIY, March 12 2015

Scuzzy and Sincere: Imperfection in the Digital Age

Dingus DIY, January 25 2015


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Faux Pool vol. 2: We Are the Ghosts in Our Machines

Faux Pool vol. 1: A Tenth of a Tear

timgrahamncanada, no. 27: Richard Prince, Clement Greenberg, Ryder Ripps

[1] The joke is: (Steph Curry + mouthguards) * (Karl Ove Knausgaard).